Tell me about your sales/ consulting strategy

A couple of weeks ago, over a short conversation, someone asked me about “the (pre)sales/ consulting strategy” that I’m doing in my current job as a software presales consultant. Quite a question! I’m have been through sales training, but it’s hard to condense a lot of things into a so-called “strategy”.

Anyway, I try my best to describe my approach: [1] know yourself, [2] know the industry, and [3] know your prospect/ customer.

  1. Know my company/ my team: overall business objectives, what service we can offer, strengths and weakness, etc. Whatever I do, my goals and actions must always align to my team/ my company goals.
  2. Know the industry and market: Industry business/ solution blueprint, general pain points, covid-19, its impacts & (digital) solutions that can help customer relieve those impacts. This one helps me to see the “big picture”.
  3. Know the customer: simple thing but many people forget to “do their homework” before meeting up with prospect/ customer. Then frequent face-to-face meetings & calls are the most effective way to really understand what customer truly need.

Those 3 little things above drive my way of doing most of the time. It works, somewhat :-).

Trung Nguyễn

Hanoi. 29.04.2021